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Generation 1991

The Golden Red Star generation, which won the European Champion title in 1991 was declared the sixth Red Star’s Star.

On that mythical May 29th, after a better performance in the penalty shootout, the red and white team defeated Olympique from Marseille and enrolled the list of the immortal. After 90 minutes of the game and the aggregate, there were no goals. During this same season, Ljupko Petrović’s team won the National Championship and participated in the National Cup final.

After that, the country got divided, a bloody war began and most players tried earning their living abroad. However, on the exact date of this historical success, but ten years later, there was an exhibition match at Marakana, under a symbolic title “Encounter of generations.” Almost the whole team got together and played the game against the players who were the best on the Red Star team at that moment. The big acknowledgement for the “golden generation” came, however in 2010. That’s when the whole team was declared Red Star’s sixth star in a ceremony organized in the occasion of 19 - year anniversary of winning the European Champion title.

Ordered as they were presented at the ceremony, the sixth Red Star’s star are: Stevan Stojanović, Duško Radinović, Slobodan Marović, Vladimir Jugović, Refik Šabanadžović, Miodrag Belodedić, Ilija Najdoski, Robert Prosinečki, Dejan Savićević, Siniša Mihajlović, Darko Pančev, Dragiša Binić, Vlada Stošić, Goran Vasilijević, Ivica Momčilović, Željko Kaluđerović, Milić Jovanović, Goran Jurić, Rade Tošić, Vladan Lukić i Ljubiša Milojević.

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