Napredak - Crvena zvezda 0:1 (0:1)

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Napredak - Crvena zvezda 0:1 (0:1)

Players of Red Star succeeded to beat the home team of Napredak with 1:0 in great atmosphere of the stadium in Krusevac, noting down the first away game win this season.

Napredak - Red Star
Napredak - Red Star

Stadium: "FK Napredak"
Attendance: 13,500
Referee: Boško Jovanetić (Užice)
Scorers: Pečnik in 20' for Red Star.

NAPREDAK:  Krznarić, Cvetković, Veselinović, Milošević, Janjičić, Abraham, Bajić, Regan, Mirosavljević, Bojić, Dimitrov
Substitutions: Milenković, Udovičić, Gavrić, Trujić, Deletić, Kotić, Ndiaye.

RED STAR: Bajković, Vešović, Mijailović, Lazić, Martinović, Kovačević, Ninković, Pečnik, Milijaš, Kasalica, Onyilo .
Substitutions: Vesić, Krneta, Mladenović, Jokić, Mirić, Milunović, Mrđa.

The match was six minutes in delay, since players of both teams were late in entering the field as a sign of protest against the condition in the Serbian football. Due to the delay, captains of both teams, Nenad Mirosavljevic and Nenad Milijas, got yellow cards.

Players of Napredak opened up the game much better. Experienced Mirosavljevic was the first to threaten with a header after a cross from the right, but the ball ended up next to the goal. Five minutes later the experienced striker was again in a nearly clear cut chance, but he was a split second late to reach the cross ball. However, the home team had absolutely the best opportunity in the first half in the 17th minute. First Bajkovic was great in stopping the shot from close range taken by one of the players in white uniforms, then Bajic ran onto the ball and hit the cross bar from several meters, and finally Red Star’s goalkeeper intervened again couple of moment later, this time with a dive. At those moments Red Star seemed completely confused, and it was somewhat unbelievable that almost every more serious attack of players from Krusevac ended up with a clear cut chance. 

Although we may have got used to having Red Star’s players be the one who create and miss opportunities while opponents use theirs, this time it was different. In the 20th minute Milos Ninkovic showed once again why he is the best player of our league. Milos made a nice assist for Nikola Mijailovic, who forwarded the ball well to the five meter line, and Pecnik ran onto it on the opposite goal post and hit the empty net thus bringing the advantage to Red Star. Since that moment Red Star played much better, and Nenad Milijas took a nice shoot from the left in the 22nd minute, but goalkeeper Krznaric managed to save it. Until the end of the first half there was still a prospective chance for Vesovic after he managed to create himself the space for a shot, but the ball went next to the goal post.

Excitements were not lacking in the second half, but what is great for all Red Star’s supporters is that almost all more serious situations were seen before the goal of Napredak. After fifteen minutes of great combat in the middle of the field, in the 57th minute the ball reached Pecnik, who passed excellently by two opposing players on the right, took a cross, but Milijas’ shot from the left did not end up in the net after all. Mrdja entered the game instead of Onylo two minutes later and as soon as in the 62nd minute he penetrated along the right side and took a cross, which was “taken off” the head of Kasalica, but Pecnik still found himself in the right place and took a good header shot, but Krznaric defended it well again. These were moments of great pressure made by Red Star, so only a minute later Ninkovic received the ball well, took a shot from a turn, but was not lucky enough to hit within the goal frame.

Napredak was failing to create a more serious opportunity and many attacks of players from Krusevac were intercepted in the middle of the field causing Red Star to have a lot of counter attacks. One such was seen in the 70th minute when Kasalica took a shot from the edge of the penalty area and, although he was aiming the upper right corner of the goal, the ball ended up slightly over the cross bar. The last opportunity for the home team was seen in the 76th minute when Dimitrov attempted with a header shot, but he was not precise enough.   

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