Jagodina - Crvena zvezda 2:3 (1:2)

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Jagodina - Crvena zvezda 2:3 (1:2)

After a very exciting and combative game, Red Star succeeded to beat Jagodina with 3:2 and take all three points back to Belgrade.


: FK Jagodina
Spectators: 12.000
Referee: Vlado Glođović (Vrbas)
Scorers: Stojanović at 39th and Đurić at 52nd minute for Jagodina, Kadu at 4th, Dauda at 25th and Milunović at 53rd minute for Crvena zvezda.

JAGODINA: Bondžulić, Dukić, Monir, Ilić, Živanović, Gogić, Damjanović, Đurić, Đenić, Arsenijević, Stojanović.
Substitutions: Rajković, Milinković, Projić, Stojkov, Mihajlović, Stojanović S., Petričević.

CRVENA ZVEZDA: Bajković, Petković, Vešović, Mikić, Spajić, Milivojević, Milijaš, Kadu, Kasalica, Milunović, Dauda.
Substitutions: Vesić, Pantić, Mijailović, Mladenović, Savićević, Asamoa i Mudrinski.

It was the game where both teams attacked and wished to win, as not often seen in football fields of Serbia. Red Star used a serious mistake of Jagodina’s goalkeeper in the 4th minute and came to an early lead through Cadu. The same player made a great assist for Dauda in the 25th minute, and our striker doubled the lead. It was not then foreseeable that the game will bear a great suspense till the end, but after the second conceded goal Jagodina put all of their cards to offense and managed to reduce the lead of Red Star in the 39th minute.

The second half brought much excitement. In the 52nd minute everybody at the stadium were stunned when the ball ended up in the net of Red Star after a free kick taken by Djuric, i.e. a cross for his strikers, from over 35 meters. It was an extremely poor judgment of our goalkeeper, who believed that the ball would end out of play. However, in the following attack Luka Milunovic brought Red Star to a new lead and a great joy to the packed stands of the stadium in Jagodina. Marko Vesovic being sent off in the 65th minute brought even greater suspense, but Red Star succeeded to defend itself against attacks of excellent team from Jagodina and to note down new three points that leave it with the possibility to decide on its own fate when it comes to the championship title.

The full course of the game follows.


3' Attack of Red Star at the left wing through Kasalica, without any danger for the goal of Jagodina.

4' GOOOAAL! 1:0, CADU! Jagodina’s goalkeeper kicked the ball out poorly straight to Cadu who had an open path to goal and hit the home team’s net with a steady shot.

7' An excellent atmosphere in the stands was being transferred to the field, so players of both teams play quite aggressively and devotedly.

10' A forced substitution in the team of Jagodina – Danijel Mihajlovic, a former player of Red Star, went in instead of Ilic. 

10' The first crowd in the penalty area of Red Star after a corner kick for Jagodina. Uros Spajic left to lie down after a head crash with Stojanovic.  

12' A chance for Kasalica assisted by Cadu. Our striker took a shot from the edge of penalty area, but his shot was defended by Bondzulic. 

15' Jagodina was attempting to recover from the shock and to organize the offense, but Red Star’s players were well set.

16' Dauda hit the post! Kasalica selflessly assisted the Nigerian, who took a shot from the edge of penalty area, but hit the goal post. 

17' Milijas took a shot from the free kick at the left side, but over the goal.

19' Jagodina attempted with skipping the middle of the field and earned the second corner kick from such play.

22' Quite well and combative game at the stadium of Jagodina. Kasalica attempted with some twenty meters, took a shot close to the cross bar, but still slightly over it.

23' A dangerous situation before the goal of Bajkovic, when nobody succeeded to touch the ball after a cross, and Red Star’s goalkeeper caught it at the last moment.

25' GOOOAAL! 2:0, Dauda! Cadu made a cross, and Dauda hit the net of the home team with a header!

28' Djuric’s shot from some twenty meters from a prospective situation, but high over the goal of Boban Bajkovic.

32' Filip Kasalica fell after a duel and left lying in the field. The game was interrupted.

34' Dauda threatened the goal of Jagodina with a header on two occasions, but both times the home team’s defense intervened well. 

38' Jagodina played better, so the ball was more frequently in Red Star’s half.

39' Stojanovic scored for Jagodina. Cadu missed the opportunity to collect another ball, then a cross and a header goal of Jagodina’s striker followed. 

42' Red Star succeeded to transfer the ball to Jagodina’s half of the field, however, without any chances.

45' After a corner kick for Jagodina the home team’s player was the highest in air, but his shot went outside of the goal frame. The fourth referee showed additional 2 minutes to be played.


The first half was over. Red Star lead with 2:1, but it did not play brilliantly, especially not after they conceded, since there was a level of uncertainty noticeable in the team of red-whites. 

48' A dangerous situation before the goal of Red Star. There was not goal attempt since Petkovic removed the danger.

52' 2:2. Goal of Jagodina after an unbelievably poor judgment of Boban Bajkovic, who conceded from over 30 meters.

53' GOOOOAALLL! Luka Milunovic brought Red Star to a new lead! A great game in Jagodina! Milunovic was the most resourceful after several attempts of Red Star’s players and hit the net from close range.

56' Attack of Red Star through Dauda, who made a cross to the five-meter box, but the defense of Jagodina intervened well.

59' The game was interrupted for treating Luka Milunovic who was elbowed.

59' A great opportunity for Dauda, who took a shot after a good assist from a difficult position, but slightly next to the goal.

63' Srdjan Mijailovic went in instead of Cadu.

65' Marko Vesovic got the second yellow card, and Red Star would have to play with a player down until the end of the game

67' Aleksandar Pantic substituted the scorer of the third goal, Luka Milunovic.

70' Jagodina was making pressure and the game was played at the half of Red Star. A new corner kick for Jagodina.

74' Another corner kick for Jagodina, after which there were no serious attempts. Red Star did not succeed to organize a remotely serious attack and players were mostly defensively oriented.

78' A free kick for Jagodina from some 20 meters. Jagodina’s players tried to play a rehearsed action, but Red Star’s defense intervened well.

81' The last substitution in Red Star, Filip Mladenovic substituted Abiola Dauda.

83' After a while Red Star attacked through Petkovic, who won a corner kick.

85' A new interruption after Mikic left lying on the ground. The main referee caused disapproval of Red Star’s couch Sá Pintu on several occasions.

87' Pantic successfully stopped El-Moniro, and the ball went out of play for Bajkovic.  89' A good opportunity for Jagodina, more precisely for El-Moniro, whose shot from the penalty area went over the goal.

90' Four additional minutes to be played.

93' After a duel between Mladenovic and El-Moniro, our player got the yellow card, and Jagodina’s player got a straight red card. 


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