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Champions 1992.

In 1992, Crvena zvezda was the National Champion for the third time in a row, and it was the second time they made such a series. The coach of the team was experienced Vladica Popović, who led the red and white team in Tokyo, when they crushingly defeated the South American Champion Kolo Kolo from Chile (3:0), thus adding the World Crown to the European Crown. Besides Vladica Popović, some other important names were on the coaching staff: doctor Branko Nešović, conditioning coach Predrag Stanojević, physiotherapist Miško Bukumirović...They managed to maintain a high level of preparedness of each individual. The main and only rival in the run for the title was Partizan, and both derbies ended winner-less (2:2 at JNA stadium and 0:0 at Marakana).

The 1991/1992 Championship began without the clubs from Croatia and Slovenia, who had become independent, and in the end the teams from Bosnia and Herzegovina also left the competition, so Crvena zvezda didn’t play the game away with Željezničar from Sarajevo. However, that match was of no importance because Crvena zvezda had already secured the 19th Champion title.

The best scorer of the Championship was darko Pančev, for the third time in a row (25 goals in 28 matches), and masters such as Dejan Savićević, Vladimir Jugović, Siniša Mihajlović, Miodrag Belodedić, Ilija Najdoski, Duško Radinović were in that season’s golden Crvena zvezda generation... A good scoring performance was also given by Vladan Lukić (7 goals in 13 games)

The clubs from Bosnia and Herzegovina took part in the competition for the last time that season (with one exception) as well as the Macedonian clubs. It was also the last season of the Football Championship of SFR Yugoslavia, since from the following season the FR Yugoslavia Championship was created. Some Yugoslavian republics declared independence, and due to the war in Bosnia, their clubs didn’t see the season to the end. Only Borac from Banja Luka remained until the end of the Championship. The final table rank was as follows:

Crvena zvezda 33 23 5 4 5 77:24 50
Partizan 33 21 10 4 2 59:18 46
Vojvodina 33 19 5 4 9 45:31 42
OFK Beograd 33 19 8 3 6 62:36 41

Midst the agony due to the country falling apart and  the National League falling apart, the raging war in Yugoslavia (which rapidly disappeared as the common state of all nations and national minorities) the victorious Crvena zvezda team swiftly disappeared as well, after reaching the highest heights in the history of Yugoslavian football.

Đorđe Aćimović 1, Ivan Adžić 3, Miodrag Belodedić 24-1, Elvir Bolić 11-2, Goran Vasilijević 15, Ilija Ivić 28-8, Milić Jovanović 3-4 primljena gola, Predrag Jovanović 3, Vladimir Jugović 29-4, Aleksandar Kristić 3, Nebojša Krupniković 2, Dragoje Leković 17-12 primljenih golova, Vladan Lukić 13-7, Zvonko Milojević 13-8 primljenih golova, Siniša Mihajlović 24-8, Ilija Najdoski 29-2, Saša Nedeljković 10, Darko Pančev 28-25, Duško Radinović 30-4, Milorad Ratković 27-4, Duško Savić 5, Dejan Savićević 32-5, Mitko Stojkovski 7, Vlada Stošić 17-4, Miroslav Tanjga 18, Rade Tošić 5, Slaviša Čula 8.

Vladimir Popović

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