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Champions 1969.

The ninth Champion title was won in 1969, during the 41st National Championship, 23rd after the Second World War. The hard work and the application of modern scientific achievements in football came to light in this championship, more than ever before. Only Crvena zvezda fully controlled the physical condition the players based on scientific grounds, cooperation with sports physicians, associates of the Yugoslavian Institute of Physical Culture in Belgrade. The coaching staff planned the training of ​​the team and individuals, based on the tips and the results obtained from the highest scientific instance in our sport at that time. Group footballer testing was carried out both in May and June 1969. On that occasion they were found to have their physical fitness at a very high level.

The Championship proceeded in a dramatic way: Dynamo had the led several times with five or more points ahead. The team from Zagreb held the first position from the 8th to the 25th round, when they were taken down by Crvena zvezda, who took the lead and maintained it all throughout the rest of the Championship. The 21st week of the Championship was the most difficult for the red and white team. It was a Sunday and Dinamo won 3:1 in Topčider hill. Before this derby, the guests from Zagreb had already had three point advantage, which with this victory turned into huge and unattainable five points. Although at the time everybody regarded Dinamo the new champion, Crvena zvezda did not give up and, after six consecutive victories, they surpassed the team from Zagreb. Dinamo dominated the autumn session (Crvena zvezda was ranked as low as 13th at a moment, what a vitality to persevere and win the trophy!), but once again this time Crvena zvezda blew away all the other rivals in the spring session, including the blue team from Zagreb. Finally, our most successful club was three points ahead.

After the shocking Dinamo’s victory at Marakana, Miljanić wasn’t bummed when talking to the press:

- Last year we also lost the championship match with Dinamo, but nevertheless we won the championship. May it be the same this time!

And so it was! Crvena zvezda defended the title for the third time in the history of Yugoslavia. The best scorer of the championship was Vojin Lazarević with 22 goals.

The final balance was: 18 wins, 12 draws and 4 defeats with the goal difference of 75:30, with a total of 48 points won.

Zoran Antonijević 30-5, Jovan Aćimović 31-3, Ratomir Dujković 31-28 received goals, Kiro Dojčinovski 33-2, Milovan Đorić 34-3, Slobodan Janković 3, Živorad Jevtić 22, Sava Karapandžić 4, Stanislav Karasi 1, Branko Klenkovski 32-4, Petar Krivokuća 21-2, Vojin Lazarević 34-22, Aleksandar Marković 10, Trifun Mihajlović 2, stevan Ostojić 32-17, Miroslav Pavlović 32-1, Dojčin Perazić 1, Rade Radić 1, Racić Dragan 3-2, Dragan Džajić 33-16.

Miljan Miljanić

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